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Billy 76 mp3 Drake-Chenault Demo (KYNO-FM/Fresno) 1974/Courtesy of Hank Landsberg DC
Billy 77 mp3 95-5 WFMS TV Spot Early 1980's Station
Billy 78 mp3 TV Promo's - Variety Early 1990's B. Moore
Billy 79 mp3 Radio Promo's - Variety 1980's B. Moore
Billy 80 mp3 Radio Promo's - Variety 1990's B. Moore
Billy 81 mp3 Rock Demo - Concerts / Variety 1988 B. Moore
Billy 82 mp3 Commercial Demo  1980's B. Moore
Billy 83 mp3 Orange Demo 1990's B. Moore
Billy 84 mp3 WZPL Liners Fall 1982 J. George
Billy 85 mp3 WZPL Continuous Hit Rock Montage 1989 J. George
Billy 86 mp3 Billy Moore Shouts session w/ JG 1991 J. George
Billy 87 mp3 WTTS / KKXX scoped air-checks 1990's stations
Billy 88 mp3 KKXX-FM (scoped air-check) 1990's station
Billy 89 mp3 KFGO-FM/New Country102  Fargo -sweepers 1990's station
Billy 90 mp3 Y-108 FM / Chicago - scoped air check 1990's station
Billy 91 mp3 96-dot-3 The Zone / Billings, MT - sweepers 1990's station
Billy 92 mp3 " Wacky" WRKA / Oldies 103.1 - Louisville 1990's station
Billy 93 mp3 Chevrolet - radio spot 1990's B. Moore
Billy 94 mp3 Cold Mountain - movie trailer 2003 demo
Billy 95 mp3 Firestone GT spot 1993 client
Billy 96 mp3 McDonalds - "Breakfast" radio spot 1996 client
Billy 97 mp3 Monster Truck Expo - radio/tv spot 1990's client
Billy 98 mp3 Open Range - movie trailer 2003 Touchstone 
Billy 99 mp3 Kasle Lola Car 97 - Indy 500 (Steve Chassey) 1989 client
Billy 100 mp3 Jerry Alderman Ford - radio spot 1990 client

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