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Billy 26 mp3 TourDesign - Mellencamp Tour Concert spot 1985 P. Saetre
Billy 27 mp3 TourDesign - Motley Crue Concert spot 1985 P. Saetre
Billy 28 mp3 TourDesign - Ozzy Osbourne Tour Concert #1 1986 P. Saetre
Billy 29 mp3 TourDesign - Ozzy Osbourne Tour Concert #2 1986 P. Saetre
Billy 30 mp3 WSOC - Million Dollar Promo 1990's WSOC
Billy 31 mp3 Murder at 1600 Movie Trailer 1997 unknown
Billy 32 mp3 American Health Network MOH 1990's B. Moore
Billy 33 mp3 BMP Voice Prompt - MOH 1990's B. Moore
Billy 34 mp3 Chevrolet radio spot (partial) 1980's B. Moore
Billy 35 mp3 Country radio promo montage 1990's various
Billy 36 mp3 Game Warden TV VO narrator 1990's B. Moore
Billy 37 mp3 KIIM-FM Sweeper 1990's KIIM-FM
Billy 38 mp3 KUBL-K-Bull 93 promo (partial) 1995 J. George
Billy 39 mp3 Radio Characters montage 1990's various
Billy 40 mp3 Radio Promos montage 1990's various
Billy 41 mp3 Narrative montage 1980-1990's various
Billy 42 mp3 Sling Blade movie trailer 1996 Miramax
Billy 43 mp3 The Signatures (excerpt) Narrative 1999 B. Moore
Billy 44 mp3 Indian story narrative (excerpt) 1990's B. Moore
Billy 45 mp3 Character - Bogart 1990's B. Moore
Billy 46 mp3 Character - British fellow 1990's B. Moore
Billy 47 mp3 Character - Patton 1990's B. Moore
Billy 48 mp3 Character - Scrooge 1990's B. Moore
Billy 49 mp3 Character - W. C. Fields 1990's B. Moore
Billy 50 mp3 Character - Old Coot 1990's B. Moore

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